Frequently Asked Questions & Important Information about Espacar Car Hire


How can I make changes or cancel a booking?

You can make changes or cancel a booking by contacting us:

  • Online: through our website - click here.
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: +34 952 79 55 52
  • In Person: Our Estepona office in Av. Litoral. (behind Renault garage)

There is no fee for changes or cancellations.

When is my booking confirmed?

If you have made your booking online or by e-mail, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours.

You have made a booking and you haven't received your e-mail confirmation?

Maybe we haven't received your booking due to a technical problem because we always confirm our bookings within 48hours. In this case please contact us by phone: +34 952 79 29 35 or +34 667 710 369. We will then confirm whether we have availability.

Do I have to pay for my car rental in advance?

No. Payment will be required on your arrival, when we give you the vehicle. You will need to pay by credit card, either Visa, Mastercard or American Express.



Where can I see the general conditions of the rental?

You can see our general conditions by clicking here.

Can I drive my car out of Andalucia?

No. Espacar is a local company. We don't offer our service out of Andalucia. This includes the rest of Spain, Ceuta, Melilla, Morocco and Portugal.

What documents do I need to hire a vehicle?

We require a passport or identification card, full driving licence and a credit card.

What is the minimum age to rent a car?

You must be older than 25 years old and to have held a driving licence for two years.

What is included in the price?

The price includes the car or van rental, V.A.T. and insurance subject to an excess.
The insurance included in the price is fully comprehensive but subject to an excess. This excess is different depending on the model of the car, it is the amount that the client has to pay to Espacar in case of damage.

Can I eliminate the excess?

Yes, you can. We offer an optional excess cover supplement per day. If you take this supplement, in case of damage excess will be covered.

What extras can I book with Espacar?

Baby seat: 1 Euro per day (maximum 25 Euros per rental)

Booster seat: free

GPS: 5 Euros per day (maximum 100 Euros per rental)

Excess cover supplement: (extra insurance)

What is your fuel policy?

Espacar gives clients the cars with half a tank of fuel and they must return it with the same amount. If returned with less than half a tank, the client's credit card will be charged.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Our representative in the airports will be waiting for you until your arrival. If you supply us with your flight details we can keep up-to-date with any delays and know when to expect you.

Is there any charge for deliveries out of office hours?

Espacar charge a supplement of 20,00€ for deliveries from 20:00h till 22:30 hours and 25,00€ from 22:30 hours till 09:00h the following day.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down or has an accident?

In both cases during office hours you can call our office in Estepona: +34 667 710 369. All our cars have road assistance, so you can also use this service when you need it.



How do I pick up my vehicle at Malaga Airport, Gibraltar Airport and Renfe train station in Malaga?

At Malaga Airport our representative will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall, holding a board with ESPACAR RENT A CAR beside the information office at the airport.

For deliveries at Gibraltar Airport we will be waiting for you just across the border in Spain, about 300 metres from the airport, inside the FOCONA public car park which is located in La Linea (the Spanish city that borders with Gibraltar).

In Renfe train station in Malaga we will be waiting for you at the exit of the platforms (beside the elevators) holding a board with our logo, ESPACAR RENT A CAR.

What happens if I have a booking confirmation and when I arrive nobody from ESPACAR RENT A CAR is waiting for me?

Please call our office on +34 952 79 29 35 from 09.00hrs - 14.00hrs and 16.00hrs - 20.00hrs. Out of office hours please call our mobile +34 667 710 369.

Can Espacar deliver a vehicle to my home or hotel?

Yes. When you make your booking let us know your home or hotel address and we will deliver the car there at a specific time. We offer this service from Marbella to Sotogrande (only by the coast).

How and where do I have to leave the car in Malaga Airport?

You have to leave the car on the 3rd floor of Malaga Airport's public parking, which is in front of departures, terminal 2. Once at the airport follow the exit signs on the road and it takes you directly to the second floor of the parking, where you have to take a parking ticket and continue up to the third floor. You can then leave the ticket inside the car and park anywhere.

How and where can I leave the car in Gibraltar Airport?

To avoid hours of queues by going into Gibraltar, it is much more convenient to leave the car in La Linea public parking, this is on the Spanish side before Gibraltar.

The car has to be driven to the FOCONA PARKING, just 300 metres from Gibraltar Airport. In FOCONA PARKING, you park the car, take the ticket and give the keys and the ticket to the parking employee at the exit.

How and where can I leave the car in Renfe Train Station in Malaga?

You have to leave the car on the second floor inside the Train Station's public parking.

Can I leave the car in a different city from where I picked it up?

With ESPACAR you can drop your car off at Malaga Airport, Gibraltar Airport, La Linea and Renfe Train Station in Malaga.

You can also deliver or collect your hire car from your home or hotel as long as it's between Marbella and Sotogrande.

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